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Welcome to My Blog!

About Me

I am a mother to 6 adorable girls ages 3,4,8,10,12 and 14. I am pregnant with baby #7 as of now and have had 6 natural home births. With each birth, I have learned different tools that have made birthing more comfortable and fulfilling and want to share those with you.

I have been married for 17 years to an amazing man who has been so supportive in those births and would like to also share how he was able to show up that way. We have a truly magical marriage and have learned some very valuable lessons on how to create that.

I have hosted personal empowerment retreats and helped many women become aware of how to create what they want in their lives. I love speaking to groups and have presented many times on personal growth and taught tools that assist women in leveling up.

Personal Power

When a woman is in her own personal power, she shines bright like a diamond and is effective in everything she does. She holds herself to a higher standard of life and finds her strengths catapult her talent like never before. Most of us like to feel we are powerful, but we shy away from telling others when we have it. It doesn’t seem to hold with the idea of femininity. The truth is, we are the most feminine when we are powerful. We are better wives, girlfriends, mothers, leaders, teachers and individuals when we come from a place of courage, confidence, love and understanding.

I have found several tools the help me to get back into my power when I have given it away. Yep! We give it away. The truth is, no one takes it from us. They can’t, we have to give it. We give it to whatever is blocking us from progressing to our goals.

What is it that stands in your way?

What could be improved in your life?

  • Health?

  • Relationships?

  • Finding your passion?

  • Taking back control of your life?

  • Creating joy and happiness in your life?

  • Supporting your body in a natural childbirth?

  • Finding out who you truly are and what you are capable of?

Deep within every woman is the desire to be effective, contributing and appreciated, and sometimes we get in our own way of these things. I know, because I have had the same dreams and I found a way through the blocks and now I can help you through yours.

What if I could show you:
  • how simple, daily habits could make a huge difference?

  • the secret to finding joy and happiness?

What if I could give you:
  • the tools you need to empower yourself to releasing negative emotions?

  • the confidence you need to take the next step?

What if I could share with you:
  • the secrets to better relationships in marriage and family life?

  • how others, just like you, are able to find what they really want for their lives?

I have search for the answers to life’s biggest questions and found the tools and secrets I was missing. With these, I have taught classes for the last 8 years on ways to improve personal and family life, to hundreds of women and can’t wait to share them with you! I truly hope you find value in this and that it gives you that extra boost you need to get started!

Rich Life




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